Feltex Carpets  offers a variety of carpets for flooring solutions. Feltex Carpets' sophisticated range of carpets includes Feltex Reserve, Classic, Invicta, Minster, Redbook, Kensington, Feltex woven and commercial.

Feltex Reserve carpets give a luxurious and elegant look to the floors. Reserve carpets features Wilton and Axminster woven and tufted plush pile carpets, which are manufactured with expertise in design and craftsmanship.

Feltex Classic range is available in 200 colours and in various designs and textures. Feltex Classic carpets are ideal for any preference and any décor. Feltex Classic carpets are created from pure wool with a high quality and standard.

Feltex Carpets offers Invicta carpets which have textures that relate to nature. Invicta is available in 100 colours and styles. Minster carpets are suitable for hard-wearing and these are made from nylon and polypropylene. Minster range of carpets includes more than 500 colours and designs.

Feltex Carpets offers Redbook carpets which has the revolutionary tactesse fibre for giving it a soft and luxurious look. Redbook carpets are available in 200 colours, styles and patterns.

Feltex commercial carpets are supplied for prestigious, commercial projects around the world. Feltex woven carpets are made from pure New Zealand wool by combining traditional weaving skills and modern technology.