For those of us with the mammoth task of successfully ventilating large enclosed spaces, the JetVent Air Mover designed by Fantech comes as a breath of fresh air.

Those bright sparks at Fantech have come up with a way to optimise the cross-flow of air in places like workshops, warehouses and gymnasiums to eliminate the build up of stagnant air.

To do this the JetVent uses an exclusive 2-speed fan housed in a carefully designed, aerodynamic galvanised steel casing which utilises internal flow elements to maximise the air velocity footprint.

The result is a transfer of the heat between air and the human body, creating a feeling of freshness and resulting in a more comfortable and enjoyable environment. So whether it is hard working employees or gym fanatics, everyone will feel fresher and work harder.

Mounted at a high level and with a low profile, the JetVent offers an easy to install, out of the way ventilation alternative.