Fantech  introduces two new models to the low noise, high efficiency TD Silent Series of mixed-flow fans.
Available in 250mm and 315mm models, the new TD Silent Series mixed-flow fans have been designed with advanced technology for quieter operation. The high performance fans represent a real advance in fan and acoustic technology.
Noise reduction in Fantech’s new TD Silent Series mixed-flow fans has been achieved with a technically advanced design and internal construction. Sound waves produced inside the fan are captured by a layer of sound-absorbent internal membrane, resulting in an efficient low profile fan that operates very quietly.
The 315mm Silent is extremely quiet with a sound pressure of 44dB(A) at low speed and 50dB(A) at high speed while the 250mm fan is also very quiet at 42dB(A) at low speed and 47dB(A) when running at high speed.
The TD Silent Series also offers smaller 150mm and 200mm low noise fans, with the entire range ideal for installation in hospitals, hotels, libraries and offices where the constant sound of the ventilation system could distract the occupants.
Clever solutions have been applied in the design of the TD Silent Series to reduce noise including a specially designed aerodynamic inlet in the new models, which also improves air flow performance, as well as mounting straps in the smaller models that grip onto a ribbed rubber gasket on the fan body in addition to rubber gaskets on the inlet and outlet spigots.
The TD Silent Series features a compact design and is ideal for installation in false ceilings or apartments where space is often restricted. The larger fan body of the 250mm and 315mm models can be easily removed from the ducting for cleaning and maintenance.
Key features of TD Silent Series 250mm and 315mm mixed-flow fans:
  • Constructed from durable sheet steel to provide strength and minimise the fan’s dimensions
  • Finished in a protective epoxy polyester paint
  • External terminal box rated at IP55
  • Integral mounting foot simplifies installation
  • 240V plug and lead
  • Convenient 2-speed motor
  • High performance mixed-flow impeller