Fans Direct  offers range of ventilation fans. Innovative products, competitive pricing,  quality service and high performance of the ventilation fans mark Fans Direct. Fans Direct deals with even the most complex industrial and commercial projects, incorporating explosion proof, smoke spill, attenuation and heavy duty requirements.

From the modern facility of Fans Direct located in Melbourne and fourteen sales outlets around New Zealand and Australia, Fans Direct provides services to the industrial, commercial, mining and chemical sector with every type of silencer, fan and ancillary. These products run smoothly, meet the budget of the customer and perform to specification.

Fans Direct caters to any type of ventilation fan requirement that a client can imagine. The fans range from small apartment fans to medium and large axial and centrifugal fans; SWSI fans and heave duty Chicago brand DWDI fans are also available. Apart from these fans, extensive range of silencers and attenuators are also available to make the package a complete one.

Fans Direct is fully Australian owned and has local manufacturing and R&D capability. Fans Direct has gained reputation for the accuracy and quality of the test information it provides to the market. NuAire facility of Fans Direct in the UK is where fan tests for Fans Direct are conducted. This facility is one of the first of its kind in the industry worldwide and it has achieved an ISO 9001 accreditation.