Fans City  is a specialist provider of a wide range of ceiling, desk, pedestal, and wall fans suitable for bedrooms, hotel rooms, living areas, home offices, and patios.

When the opportunity to install ceiling fans is restricted due to low ceilings or minimal space, as is often the case with home offices or childrens rooms, Fans City have specially designed wall fans available.

Featuring three speeds and a pull chord for operation, wall fans from Fans City are ideal for a range of applications, including:

  • balconies
  • patios
  • bathrooms and powder rooms
  • reception areas
  • restaurants
  • foodcourts; and
  • school and office lobbies.
For installation in childrens' rooms, these wall fans are specially equipped with a mesh guard that prevents any chance of kids being able to touch the fan blades.

Featuring a uniquely hand crafted steel mesh body, wall fans from Fans City are classicly designed to have a cool industrial look that will suit the décor of any room, and each fan also has a tiltable head and hook on wall mount bracket for easy installation.

Fans City deliver their wall fans, and all other products, Australia-wide and offer excellent after sales service.