Bifold doors and windows offer the architect and designer high flexibility, enabling uninterrupted views, providing good indoor-outdoor flow, and permitting ease of movement through large openings.

The Fairview Evolution range of Bifold doors and windows from Fairview Windows & Doors is available in either a top hung or bottom rolling or ‘curved in plan’ configuration. Aluminium Systems are system suppliers of the Fairview Evolution range.

The top hung Bifold operates effortlessly and can accommodate panels up to 75kg in weight and 3.0 metres in height.

The major benefit of the bottom rolling system is the door weight is carried at the sill and the top guide serves purely to guide the doors at the head. This design therefore is easier to install into a renovation situation.

The Fairview Evolution bottom rolling Bifold has a 50kg maximum panel weight and 2.4 metre maximum height. All heights and widths are dependent on climate wind zones and building applications.

The Fairview Evolution Bifold range is also available in the “Curved in Plan” design. Curved, rails and frames at the head and sill enable a smooth curve enhanced by the high performance continuous hinge and seals at every join.