Could facades be an indicator of the state of Australia’s economy? With an increasing number of architects specifying gold facades for buildings in Australia, one could safely predict that things are looking bright (and golden) at the moment.

Is there data to back this theory? It’s a fact that Australian architects are specifying more gold facade panels than ever before. Fairview’s sales do indicate the popularity of golden facades with their ‘Gold Metallic’ shade ranking as the No. 1 colour of choice.

The reasons for gold’s popularity are many, especially in design. Gold conveys extravagance, wealth and riches; as a precious metal it also signifies grandeur and prosperity.

Fairview first noticed this trend when they received an order to supply over 3,000m² of Gold Metallic facade panels to Infinity for use on the Parkroyal Hotel, Parramatta extension project earlier this year. The popularity of this colour has only grown since then.

For the first time in their 30 years of experience in the industry, Fairview is seeing a gold rush; this trend, they believe, bodes well for the economy.

Image: Parkroyal Hotel, Parramatta