The bespoke Lantern Apartments development in Melbourne’s inner-city suburb of Collingwood stands out for its striking black-and-white facade. Designed by Plus Architects, the nine-storey residential project, which is ideally positioned on the corner of Wellington and Napoleon Streets in central Melbourne, features a prominent veil of cascading white ribbons clad in Fairview Vitracore G2 Snow White aluminium composite panels.

Fairview’s deemed-to-satisfy non-combustible Vitracore G2 aluminium composite panels were installed by the team at Collmill Group. Vitracore G2 is a deemed-to-satisfy non-combustible product ideal for the residential development due to its weather-resistant coating and lightweight characteristics that allowed offsite pre-cladding.

The arching sculptural forms on the facade can be enjoyed from both inside and outside, with the uniquely clad curves providing both light and shade, and the reflective, polished textures meeting sharp, geometric angles.

Vitracore G2 was an optimal choice for this facade design with the surface flatness of the panels enhanced with a high quality PVDF coating system that provided the ultimate resistance to weather and industrial pollutants.

Vitracore G2 is deemed-to-satisfy non-combustible to AS1530.1 and AS1530.3 and compliant with Clause C1.9e (vi) (previously C1.12 part (f)) in accordance with the National Construction Code and can be used where DTS cladding is required.