The increasing demand for Equitone, the high density fibre cement cladding product from Fairview indicates that 2017 could be the year for projects featuring this versatile, pre-finished solution.

Equitone from Fairview delivers several advantages to a project; being a 100% non-combustible material, this cladding product can be safely specified for project designs, especially considering the fallout of the Lacrosse building fire in 2014 and the subsequent Building Appeals Board ruling last month.

Additionally, Equitone offers a full colour impregnable panel; is an environment-friendly material; has a proven rain-screen system allowing buildings to breathe naturally; provides excellent insulation; and can also be perforated and embossed to add a unique feature to any development.

Architects and building designers looking to integrate Equitone into their projects can view the stunning outcome of using the high density fibre cement cladding product on the Corso North Lakes development designed by PDT Architects.

Image: Corso North Lakes