With the adoption of the 2019 NCC, it has become imperative for all building industry stakeholders to ensure compliance of their cladding systems for fire performance.

Gaining an understanding of the various Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) products and respective core compositions, along with the suitability of each product on Type A, B, and C constructions will determine the pathway best suited to achieving compliance.

The most common route to compliance – Deemed-to-Satisfy – can be accomplished by following the installation procedures detailed by manufacturers and using materials deemed non-combustible by the BCA. For bonded laminate type materials, this means testing laminate layers to AS1530.1 as well as the complete material to AS1530.3. This has been clearly articulated in the CSIRO report on the leading aluminium core cladding Vitracore G2.

For further information on the diversities of ACM, including a detailed overview of the Routes to Compliance, please read Understanding ACM Fire Compliance.

Please consult with the Fairview team on any questions you may have regarding ACM, pathways to compliance, or how the 2019 NCC may affect your cladding systems. Please email at [email protected] or call 1800 007 175.