In a move that heralds an exciting new chapter for the company, Fairview has launched a non-combustible ‘Deemed to Satisfy’ composite panel that industry experts believe will be a game changer for the Building and Construction industry.

Vitracore Generation 2 (G2), is a non-combustible panel with a profiled aluminium core; tested to AS1530.1. Visually, Vitracore G2 is the same as traditional composite panel; but what makes it different is the technology of the core, which is constructed from an aluminium structure rather than containing combustible material, such as polyethylene or fire rated material.

Fairview Managing Director, Andrew Gillies said the development of Vitracore G2 was in response to an obvious gap in the market, exposed by the media following last years’ highly publicized Lacrosse fire.

“The concerns regarding façade compliancy within the industry led to the need for the development of a non-combustible product that is not only complaint with the BCA without the limitations that are attached to traditional ACPs, but also offers the same aesthetic benefits as traditional ACP.

Fairview has worked tirelessly with various industry bodies to advance our existing Vitracore product in order to supply the market with a cost-effective, Deemed to Satisfy solution”, he said.

Vitracore G2 is the same to fabricate and install as traditional ACP, and utilises the PPG coating system; thus is available in the same extensive colour range as the company’s Vitrabond product.

“The technology of the core also allows continual production; providing an exceptionally consistent product”, Mr. Gillies said.

The supply of Vitracore G2 has commenced for a number of projects across the eastern sea board. The Product Assessment stipulating Vitracore G2’s compliance as a non-combustible product, is available for review by contacting the team at Fairview.