Architect May Russell teamed up with Doma Constructions for the recent National Archives project. Acting as the new preservation and storage facility in Canberra, ACT, the 18,000 square-metre facility is expected to house approximately ten million Commonwealth records.

Housing such large quantities of documents meant that an ambient temperature of 20 degrees and approximately 50 percent humidity was needed to ensure optimal environmental conditions. Fairview Architectural were able to provide both the internal and external solution for the project.

The combination of reflective exterior and an interior with sufficient density was ideal for assisting in establishing the environmental conditions necessary for storing paper documents.  

Housing around 115kms in shelving, Argeton terracotta tile was specified for the interior lining for its high durability and strength, while Stryum Shadow powder-coated in Silver Riche Matt and Sapphire Anodised colours were used for the exterior of the facility.

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