Vitranamel cladding panels from Fairview are being specified for several railway projects in NSW as they tick all the boxes for performance.

There are several cladding products available in the market for architecturally designed buildings; however, infrastructure projects demand a solution that offers high impact resistance, extreme durability in high traffic areas, non-combustibility, and anti-graffiti protection. 

Having met all these requirements, Fairview’s Vitranamel was selected for a number of recent railway projects in NSW such as the Leppington and Edmondson Park railway stations, both of which were newly constructed as part of the Transport Construction Authority’s $550m design and construct contract awarded to John Holland for the South West Rail Link. 

Vitranamel’s robustness comes from the vitreous enamel coating that uses a unique static powder enamelling process, including baking at 800 degrees, making it one of the most durable cladding panels in the world. The extreme hardiness of the product also more than doubles the warranty period of any standard cladding product.

Vitranamel cladding panels are non-combustible; offer resistance to chemicals, mould, bacteria, corrosion and impact; are robust and durable; have anti-graffiti coating; are available in an unlimited colour palette including graphics; provide design flexibility; and are simple to maintain.

Image: Edmondson Park railway station