At the heart of the F. Muller Air Handling Unit (AHU) is an Intelligent Control Unit (ICU), which can be used as a stand-alone controller, or can easily be integrated with building management systems, through the built-in RS 485 connection.

Interface is easily achieved in both new and retrofit situations.

Programming is done directly through the controller or by using the building management system. Functions include fan blower control, PID control, adjusting setpoint, setting timer to stop/start and so on.

Intelligent control means the user can take full advantage of the in-built energy efficiency. Control precision is + 0.5°C.

Each F. Muller AHU can be supplied with chilled water control valves, temperature sensors and motor controllers.

This simplifies installation, as all that is required, after positioning, is the supply of power and chilled water to the cabinet. Thus, installation time and associated costs are reduced.

Ruggedly built, the air handling unit has a high strength steel or aluminium alloy structure. Dual skin construction (with foam sandwich) not only helps overall structural strength but also helps provide greater energy efficiency.

Highly efficient, all F. Muller AHUs feature low-noise multi-blade centrifugal blowers for quiet operation.

The AHU comes in three configurations: horizontal, vertical and suspension types. Operating modes are total fresh air, total return air or fresh air return.

Working range is -20°C to +40°C.