There are three different models of square and rectangular column forming tubes in the EzyTube range.

Boomerang column forming tubes
Boomerang tubes are lightweight and easy to set up and strip down. They are used for situations where square and rectangular columns are required. Less site work is necessary when using these tubes which means a fast, effective setup. The internal components of these tubes can be returned to the EzyTube factory where they can be reassembled and then reused on site.

Multi column forming tubes
These tubes are simple to set up, can be reused using the boomerang style system and come in a large range of potential shapes including round ends, facets, square and radius incorporated designs. The tubes enable multiple columns to be poured at the same time and construction joints are also integrated into the multi system to separate the columns as per the engineering specifications.

Box system column forming tubes
If a smoother, higher standard of finish is needed on a concrete column the box system can be inserted into either the square or rectangular EzyTube form. This box system is comprised of an additional thick plastic liner which enables the user to achieve a class 3 concrete surface finish.

Please note that the more the components are reused the standard of surface finish may be reduced over time. However this may not be relevant if the columns are only needed for structural reasons and going to be concealed within a wall or outer casing.