Ezytube  formwork tubing is used to create round concrete columns.

Ezytube is a thin walled, lightweight, construction grade tubing which offers certain benefits over alternative products such as spiral steel, spiral plastic, or Formatube which is cardboard.

Formatube is a cardboard tube that is used to form round concrete columns and can often be misused to refer to any type of tubing such as spiral steel or plastic tubes.

Ezytube is comprised of a full range of column forming tubes, including:

  • Pier tubes for foundations or piers
  • Spiral tubes
  • Plastic lined tubes
  • Class 1 columns
  • Column forms for square columns
  • Rectangular columns
  • Oval columns; and
  • Custom shaped concrete columns

Ezytube offers tried and proven systems to form sloped columns, angled columns or elliptical columns. Ezytube formwork tubing is easily distinguished from other formwork systems as it is the only yellow tube used on building sites throughout Australia.

Installation is simple as Ezytube formwork tubing can be installed by either the pour up or pour down methods.

Stripping the column (often referred to as striking) is simplified due to the Ezystrip Tape feature (commonly also referred to as a ripcord) which enables fast and simple removal of the column form from the safety of the ground level.

Ezytube formwork tubing can be installed by either the top fit method or side fit method. The wrap system involves cutting the Ezytube formwork tubing from top to bottom so that it can encase an I-beam, cage, or smaller diameter concrete column. A second tube is then placed around the first tube and reinforced using a simple taping procedure.

Ezytube formwork tubing is a cost effective alternative to precast columns as much of the assembly work is performed off the building site.

Ezytube formwork tubing is suitable for use on any scale of building site from a small residential to the largest commercial building site.