EzyTube tube form products are inert and non hazardous in their manufactured state. If however the composite tube or its components are subjected to burning the resulting emissions should not be inhaled as they could prove to be harmful.

These tube form products are generally odourless and do not absorb smells. They will maintain their manufactured dimensions in a wide range of temperatures, in humid conditions and under normal weather conditions. These products will also not be affected by water should it rain prior to, during or after fixing.

EzyTube want to minimise the impact on the environment that any of their tube form products may have. They are achieving this goal by using raw materials that have a high content of recycled products where possible. For example their recycled polypropylene liners are made from 100 per cent recycled product and use 90 per cent less energy to extrude compared to virgin polypropylene alternatives.

The company has banned the use of PVC materials in their products to stop the potential risk of them leaching into the environment and their flat-pack and boomerang column forming tubes have been design to be re-used thus reducing waste and landfill.

Also use of EzyTube tube form products instead of paper tube or timber forms will result in a reduction in the reliance on timber which will mean less deforestation in the long run.