EzyTube tube form products are lightweight. This means that tubes of up to 4.5 metres long can be handled by one man. Whilst these products are very robust care still needs to be taken when securing the load for transportation as ropes and straps could cut or damage the outside layer of the tube.

The tube form products have been designed with a flexible wall structure which could result in them becoming out of shape during transportation. This however is not an issue because they can be pushed back into their proper shape easily before filling. Even if the tube is still slightly out of shape when filled with concrete it will still attain its proper rounded shape.

The different diameters of these tube form products means that they will fit within the internal diameter of the next size up and so on. This can result in lower freight chargers for the purchaser. EzyTube recommend that the longer and larger diameter tubes are stacked at the lowest levels on the truck trays and that side gates be fitted to ensure the most efficient stacking arrangement.

These tube form products can be stored either vertically or horizontally. They are water resistant and are not affected by normal weather conditions so they are able to be stored outside for short periods of time.

EzyTube recommend storing these tube form products on site in areas where they will be protected from damage such as falling objects and harsh weather conditions. It is also recommended that the tubes be secured to prevent them blowing away and if they are to be stored for a long period of time they should be stored under cover.