Exposed aggregate from Exquisite Limestone is a new paving product that requires low maintenance. Combining grey or coloured concrete with various decorative stones exposed aggregate offers strength, durability and class.

Mixes can be customised to the individuals taste through the addition of coloured oxides. Be it charcoal, terracotta or sandstone, Exquisite Limestone have a colour to suit any home or office.

Benefits of exposed aggregate:

No ants or weeds

Exposed aggregate has a number of advantages over other paving products. Unlike brick paving, weeds and ants have no chance of appearing. Exposed aggregate provides a solid body over the sand restricting weeds and ants from making their way through to the surface.


Exposed aggregate is an extremely robust, non skid product making it ideal for driveways and any other high traffic areas.


Exposed aggregate can be formed to any shape, so it is ideal for paths. There are no restrictions with design so let your mind loose on the infinite design possibilities. Straight, curved and anything in between is easily achieved.

Low maintenance

Patios and courtyards look great in exposed aggregate. Gaps like those found with normal paving are non existent meaning dirt cannot find its way to the surface. Less maintenance means time spent elsewhere.