Exotic Umbrella’s collections include exotic thatch umbrellas and gazebos that can help to create a tropical oasis. All gazebos and umbrellas are easy to install and come with instructions.  

Exotic Umbrella offers:  

  • Beautiful timber frames (treaded and stained timber)
  • Fire treated thatch tiles (Thatchbor treated)
  • All steel used is galvanised and powder coated to maximise durability
  • Fast delivery
  • Low prices and good value thatch products  
Exotic Umbrella products have the following features:
  • Can be used for shade or as a 99.9% waterproof cover
  • No maintenance, no shedding and no mildew
  • 100% U.V. protection
  • Thatch tiles that will cover any size roof are constructed at the correct angle
  • The reed is replenishable and harvesting promotes growth
  • A natural eco friendly roof cover
  • Quick to erect and install
  • Fire retardency, anti fungicide Thatchbor vacuum treated thatch tiles allow for fire safety assurance, together with prolonged durability against decay and insect attacks.
  • Pre-treatment of the grass by an impregnation process ensures total thatch protection
  • Can withstand strong winds      
Exotic Thatch products are suitable for home, hotel or resort. The beauty of African thatch can help create a unique outdoor atmosphere.