Exfoliators  manufactures and distributes various products which are used in seed raising, hydroponics of plants, spill absorbing and fire protection. In order to match specific customer requirements, Exfoliators identifies customer needs and suitably modifies its products by changing the particle sizing, combination of product ratios and packaging configuration.

The Premium Perlite from Exfoliators is used in horticulture, for hydroponics of many plants. Premium Perlite is produced by Exfoliators in various grades to suit the requirement of various crops. Premium Perlite from Exfoliators does not decompose, break or carry any pathogens.

Premium Vermiculite from Exfoliators is extensively used for seed rising. Exfoliators supplies Premium Vermiculite to top dress the crop trays which aid in providing good water holding capacity and thermal insulation. Vermiculite from Exfoliators is packed with plastic inner lined bags to ensure integrity of product until utilised.
Exfoliators manufactures Premium Absorbent which is a special blend of Perlite and Vermiculite to control and minimize chemical spills. Premium Absorbent from Exfoliators is a low cost and light weight spill absorbent. This spill absorbent from Exfoliators is more suitable as de-hydrator for clean-up, solidification and disposal of liquid and sludge wastes.