The Bouvet series of furniture from Exclusive Hardware are suitable for both domestic and commercial purposes. The Bouvet furniture from Exclusive Hardware are available in a wide range of designs, colours and patterns to match every need of the customers. The products can also be custom designed to match individual requirements. Exclusive Hardware offers an extensive range of levers, escutcheons, handles and accessories to cater to the needs of designers, architects, builders and home renovators.

All Bouvet furniture offered by Exclusive Hardware are designed with style and superior craftsmanship. A wide range of Bouvet handles offered by Exclusive Hardware include Aquitaine, Bussy, Comte, Hematites, Massena, Navarre, Trianon, Bussy, Clerry, Languedoc, Mirande and Saverne.

Exclusive Hardware also offers a wide range of accessories that include Brackets, door pulls, door stops, door viewers, Escutcheons, Hinges, Knobs, Letter Plates, Pendant pulls, Sash locks, Roses & Plates and Surface Bolts. All accessories offered are available in an extensive range of colours, designs and finishes. The products are offered in varied prices as well to match the customer’s budget requirements.