Excel Lockers  have an expanded range of door lockers with their Traditional lockers being available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 door units and two widths including 300mm and 400mm.

Excel Lockers’ Traditional locker range is made from the same high quality materials as their Evolve and Optimus ranges. The moisture resistant (MR) board covered in low pressure laminate, white for the carcase and choice of door colour are available from the Laminex range.

Standard units can also be placed on high bases which allows for seating to be placed directly in front. This seating is fixed to the front of the base with the use of cantilevered bracketing which keeps the floor area free of obstructions.

The standard specifications of the Traditional locker range include:

  • Extensive choice of door colour finishes from the Laminex range
  • Hanging rail fitted with anti-theft coat hanger with units vented through back
  • Premium master keyed lock system standard and numbered ready for use
  • 110mm plinth for 1800mm units, 460mm high base for 1450mm and 1600mm units
  • Locker carcase is white MR board with black edging
  • Units can be made mix and match such as 2 doors top half and 1 bottom half
  • Separate base available in waterproof ply and black vinyl finish