A range of practical and space saving accessories has been developed by Excel Lockers for the Evolve, Optimus and Traditional locker ranges. There are four main products, integrated ironing unit, open hanging unit, matching end panels and fillers, and sloping tops and bulkhead panels. Each has a unique purpose but aims to be long lasting, convenient and economical.

The integrated ironing units can be finished in the same colour as the locker and comes complete with a fold down ironing board, cover and iron. Electrical wiring is not included and the unit is matched to the height of the locker and 500 millimetres wide. The open hanging units are also colour matched to the locker and the width is custom measured to suit room sizing and hanging requirements. The unit comes complete with anti-theft coat hangers and a fixed rail.

Matching end panels and fillers are required to complete the locker fit out and are designed to give a nicer finish to the end, exposed lockers. Fillers are used at corners and wall junctions, and they are both colour matched to suit the locker unit. The sloping tops and bulkhead panels are finished to match the locker unit. The sloping tops are manufactured at a 30 degree angle to prevent the storage of items in top of the locker. The bulkhead panels  are fitted to 2700 millimetres.