Excel Events  is a company specialising in offering a wide range of equipment including furniture, lighting, flooring, heating and access option. Excel Events also offers pavilions, pagodas and instant canopies for various events. Excel Events is said to be one of the premier hiring company in Australia that offers flexible and affordable hiring services. Excel Events offers its furniture, lighting, heating and flooring equipment to some of the occasions including private party, wedding, birthday party, sporting events, exhibition, seminar, backyard BBQ, banquet, corporate event and fundraiser. Excel Events also offers a professional efficient event management. Excel Events offers a free and convenient event management system which is suitable for one day event to month events.

Excel Events has an event coordinating team, which plans, designs and installs equipment for any kind of event. The event management team provides personal assistance to clients, to help them with their complication. Excel Events also takes care of the site preparation by installing temporary structures on any surface. Excel Events makes the quotation for the hire charges based on the site, level of firm ground, access for motor transportation.