Polyslab ’s dedication to innovative designs and customer service is met with equal vigour on their commitment to their Quality Assurance programme. To ensure that the product designs meet customers’ requirements, all designs and prototypes go through comprehensive product testing.

It is through this commitment that Polyslab ensure consumer loyalty, market share and brand recognition.

All Polyslab product designs from conception undergo evaluation from industry specific engineers and independent assessments before being placed under a complete FEA analysis.

FEA Analysis:
Finite Element Analysis (FEA), which was first developed in 1943 by R. Courant, consists of a computer model of a material or design that is stressed and analysed for specific results. It is used in new product design and existing product refinement. Polyslab are able to verify if a proposed design can perform according to the product specifications, prior to manufacturing or construction.

Polyslab’s engineering analysis extends to the testing of a product’s structural, vibrational, fatigue and heat transfer features. These measures, while sometimes costly, allow Polyslab to confidently stand by their designs and product specifications.