Eversen Nurseries  is a company which engages itself in growing ornamental trees and shrubs. Eversen Nurseries also offers high quality apple rootstocks.

Eversen Nurseries offers a wide variety of apple root stocks including Northern spy, M793, M.9, MM.102, MM.26 and MM.111.

The Northern spy from Eversen Nurseries has an excellent resistance to Wooly Aphids and hence it is very popular with Australian orchardists. The Victorian department of agriculture conducted a testing at the Knoxfield research station and rated Northern spy as one of the best root stock tested.

M.793 from Eversen Nurseries is a cross between Northern spy and M.2. These ranges of root stocks are larger than Northern spy and are ideal for wilder soil types.

The M.9 root stocks from Eversen Nurseries are a drafting rootstock which induces early the cropping early on young trees. The fruits from these root stocks are large and ripes earlier when the trees are young.

Eversen Nurseries offers a semi dwarfing rootstock namely the M.26 root stock, which produces superior quality fruits when compared to M.7 and M.26 root stock. MM.111 from Eversen Nurseries is a root stock which is adaptable to dry sandy soils and poor soils.