Australia’s growing population and changing demographics are triggering the development of multi-residential dwellings. Architects and specifiers are also under pressure to produce designs that can accommodate smaller floor spaces.

Given the importance of the kitchen in a home, the challenge is to maximise the use of limited space in kitchen design by prioritising usability, eliminating physical and visual clutter, creating the illusion of space, selecting streamlined finishes in light colours, and integrating appropriate appliances and fixtures.

The new whitepaper by Everhard Industries explains how a successful kitchen blends practicality with aesthetics and fulfils the needs of the user. The wash-up area, for instance, needs to be laid out to promote efficiency and ease of use. A small but functional wash-up and meal preparation area can be configured by selecting the appropriate number of sink bowls and determining whether a drainer is required.

Bowl size selection will depend on whether the sink will be used to rinse items before putting them into the dishwasher, or to scrub numerous pots and pans. Single bowl or 1.5 bowl sinks are favoured in compact kitchens. Larger sinks will not only reduce benchtop space, but also under-bench storage capacity.

Bowl configuration is an important factor in kitchen sink selection - the key consideration being the capacity of the bowl to fit items in regular use, including larger oven trays and dishes. Options include zero-radius sinks that are becoming popular in the home segment as well as round sinks and squared sinks.

When selecting the finish for the kitchen sink, Everhard recommends grade 304 stainless steel as the most versatile, and one of the most widely used options thanks to its excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and extreme durability. Non-porous and resistant to chips, cracks and general wear and tear, stainless steel is extremely hygienic and requires minimal upkeep.

Squareline Plus sinks from Everhard Industries

Everhard’s Squareline Plus sinks are perfect for compact kitchens where space is limited, and can be installed as a top mount or under mount sink. Designed to suit standard modular kitchen cupboards and drawers, the sinks are also stylish enough for designer cabinetry. Constructed from high quality, 1mm to 1.2mm stainless steel with an easy-to-maintain satin finish, Squareline Plus kitchen sinks are easy to clean and maintain.

The Squareline Plus series includes a one and half bowl model ideal for standard 900mm wide cabinetry, and a single bowl with drainer model in two sizes to fit into standard 1000mm as well as 1200mm cabinetry.

To read more about Everhard's smart kitchen design solutions download this free whitepaper: Big solutions for small spaces: Smart Kitchen Design.