Now that you have decided to have an indoor vertical garden, the next step is to make a call on a live garden or an artificial one. Each choice has its own benefits and you can pick one that fits your needs best. Then comes the decision to select the plants for your indoor garden – there are plants with the right aesthetic if you’re merely going for visual appeal; alternatively, there are plants with clear health benefits for occupants in the indoor environment.

Here are five of the best plants to consider for your indoor wall garden:

1. Ficus Leaf

An excellent choice for indoor vertical gardens, Ficus leaves have a shiny appearance and are suitable for use in areas that may get a high amount of UV rays. Some of the plants in the Ficus family have green and red leaves to add a little more appeal.

2. Laurel Leaf

Featuring a slightly smaller diameter, Laurel leaves will make the garden look fuller. You can even grow it outdoors as the plant can easily survive in both environments.

3. Mixed Fern

A popular choice for artificial green walls, ferns come in many different types, making it difficult to narrow down the perfect one. Combining a variety of fern types on one wall can look very appealing.

4. Boxwood Leaf

Generally, Boxwood plants are not used indoors but can look great when designed creatively. Even the artificial version of Boxwood leaf looks so real, it’s difficult to tell them apart.

5. Tropical Sensation

If you are feeling confused about the variety of plant choices available for your indoor garden, you could create a tropical sensation with a mixture of ferns, boxwoods, laurels, ficus and any other plant you choose. Be careful about the size of the mix because it can be a little overwhelming visually; however, when spaced out and placed strategically on the wall, you can create a very desirable and aesthetically pleasing indoor wall garden.

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