Pantone’s Colour of the Year ‘greenery’ set the tone and theme in home decor trends for 2017. There’s no better way to pay tribute to the Colour of the Year than by incorporating green plants or entire green walls in interior design.

Incorporate greenery creatively

Green is always in style, and especially so in 2017 – there are so many ways to incorporate green into your home. While many people choose to go with a vertical plant wall to brighten up some dark corners, others may want to cover their entire wall with greenery. Using artificial plants, however, makes it even easier to introduce greenery into your home space. There is no maintenance or hassle about keeping the plants alive; besides, artificial plants can also be easily moved to different rooms for a change of scenery.

Focus walls

Focus walls are trending in home decor this year. Focus walls can be easily created by picking one wall in the home and dressing it up with pictures, paintings or other objects. Evergreen Walls suggests an entire artificial green wall for the focus wall. Choose a variety of plants with different shaped leaves and colours to make it unique. Since the plants are fake, you can even change them seasonally or whenever the mood strikes you.

Climbing plants or moss walls

Vines, climbing plants and living moss walls are also trending in interior design. While climbers are not recommended for indoor green walls, one could always try moss gardens for the live plant experience without the hassle. Climbing plants can definitely add some style to an outdoor wall. Evergreen Walls recommends an artificial green wall for the focus wall indoors and a living wall for the outdoor focus wall!

Simple planters make a difference

When in doubt, keep it simple. Your vertical plant wall may have one, a few or multiple plants, but try not to complicate matters. Greenery has a natural beauty of its own, so allow nature to do the work for you.