In the highly competitive retail industry where brands fight to attract, capture and retain the customer’s attention, it’s important for stores to invest some effort to make their products stand out in the crowd. Retail design is a critical part of this exercise, a key objective being to avoid becoming dull and boring in the eyes of the customer.

Evergreen Walls lists out five important retail fitout design trends for 2018. Some of the suggestions here are inexpensive and easy to apply to the existing decor, while others are more expensive and intricate. However, by adopting these trends in your store, there will be more visibility for your wares and you can get the customers inside.

Raising the ceiling

High ceilings in retail stores open up the space and create an airy, subconscious feeling of freedom. A raised ceiling is especially impactful for shops that don’t have a lot of floorspace. By lifting the ceiling, the entire shop feels larger, and shoppers feel more relaxed, which leads to more time spent in your store – and purchases.

Raising the ceiling can be an expensive proposition, depending on your shop’s size, construction materials, electrical wiring and other factors. Since this renovation could make a big difference to the feel and aesthetics of your retail space, it could be worth getting estimates and creating a cost analysis.

More technology

Advances in retail technologies span both the online as well as brick-and-mortar space. Tablets, monitors and electronic in-store advertising are becoming increasingly common in shop fitouts. Electronic displays can be used to show videos and ads. Store-based promotions can include giving customers an opportunity to take pictures of themselves with your products and services, and providing discounts for posting the images on social media. All of these promotions can be done using tablets at your shop, giving you a way to enhance the customer experience and leverage the power of their social networks.

Green walls

Amidst all the glass, chrome and glare of bright retail stores, creating an oasis of calm in the middle of a busy shop will definitely draw in customers. One way to achieve this is by installing green walls in strategic areas.

One great place to install a green wall is behind the billing counter. Green walls are inviting and calming, and when your employees are positioned near the green wall, customers feel more comfortable approaching them. Adding green walls to your store is a cost-effective way to achieve a nature-inspired environment. Artificial green walls don’t require maintenance, and they always look fresh and inviting.

Flexible display options

One way to avoid monotony for the customer is for you to shake things up a bit in the way you display your wares. By changing the look of your display, you can avoid the possibility of your customer becoming jaded by the sheer dullness of the store interior. Many shop owners consider this a time-consuming and difficult chore, but if you plan for flexible display options, you can make these changes much easier.

For example, you could put clothing racks on wheels or stack wooden crates to make easily moveable display tables. When you have this flexibility, it’s easier to promote new products, adjust to different buying seasons and highlight special promotions.

Monochrome colour schemes

The colour palette in retail design is often influenced by brands, but you can never go wrong with monochromatic shades. Monochrome is the flavour this year - blacks, whites and greys allow other elements to shine while creating a definitive modern vibe.

Consider a monochromatic colour scheme if you are painting your walls or getting new light fixtures for your shop. The latest way to work this colour scheme is to include bold geometric patterns on graphics, lighting effects, rugs and other shop-fitting elements.

First and foremost though, decide your budget and design goals before planning your retail store fitout. For questions and advice, get in touch with us at Evergreen Walls. One of our design specialists can help you design a custom green wall for your retail space.