Modern offices are no longer cramped and crowded spaces with the latest design trends focussing on creating the perfect environment for employees and ensuring their wellbeing. Evergreen Walls suggests a few ways to help enhance the quality of the workspace.


The health benefits of plants are proven and well known; therefore, continuously being exposed to plant life in the office can also boost the employee’s levels of creativity and productivity. Lush green plants can help reduce office related stress, increase productivity and reduce noise. Also try installing artificial grass on the floor in a section of the office. Green, as a whole, promotes innovation in the office.

Flexible seating

A popular office trend, flexible seating takes the employee away from the conventional desk, giving them the freedom to sit anywhere they like and work. Open plan office designs support the flexible seating concept, creating a more informal and friendlier space, and introducing a relaxing environment for employees that allows them to experience the comfort of working at home within a corporate setting.


Colour is a major influencer of office productivity and plays an important role in office design. Painting the walls white is one of the worst choices if a productive and creative workspace is the objective. Try specific colours to inspire your team to think more creatively, work harder and feel more energetic. Orange induces creativity, making it ideal for creative design spaces. Blue and green hues inspire innovation in the office. Colours often seen on inspiration boards in offices include greens, orange, reds and blues, as they promote positive thinking and increase innovation.

The latest trends in office design go beyond mere optics to promote innovation, productivity and creativity among employees.