Homeowners are constantly looking to improve and enhance their living spaces, both aesthetically and functionally. However, one room that often gets overlooked in these home improvement plans is the kitchen. For instance, installing artificial plant wall panels throughout the home helps to visually bring the outdoors inside; incorporating one in the kitchen will create a feeling that one is cooking outdoors but in a controlled environment.

There are many different ways to incorporate nature in your kitchen.

Natural wood

Natural wood furniture is popular in home design and decor, but here’s how you can get creative in your kitchen – have a kitchen island or countertop made of natural wood, and pair it with a DIY boxwood wall. Add artificial plant wall panels and complete the ‘green outdoors’ look in your kitchen.

Floral designs

Floral arrangements are an excellent element in any kitchen design. However, caring for live plants and flowers can be tedious, especially in an indoor environment where you will be responsible for watering them, making sure they have enough sunlight, and weeding them. Alternatively, you can choose artificial plant wall panels that completely eliminate all of the problems of live plants – and they look as real as the real thing.

Sunlight as a design piece

Sunlight can be a great element in kitchen design. Regardless of whether your kitchen receives morning or evening sun, you can place a vertical green wall along the wall that catches the sun’s rays, helping to highlight the wall as well as the artificial green wall. Sunlight will also brighten up your kitchen during the day without having to add a lot of extra artificial lighting.

Evergreen Walls offers a broad range of artificial plant wall panels to help bring nature into your kitchen design.