Before it became a design trend, moss was considered as just an ugly fungus that grew on damp walls and cracks. Moss is now being included as an attractive design element in home and office interiors. Those considering a vertical wall garden for their indoor spaces can give moss a good look. A moss garden not only offers excellent design value, but is also good for the environment.

Evergreen Walls explains below why moss gardens are the latest design trend.

Low maintenance and cost

Moss is a low maintenance product – since it doesn’t grow, it doesn’t need to be trimmed at frequent intervals unlike regular plants. Moss also doesn’t need UV light or water to survive. The moss used in vertical garden planters is preserved – while it is identical to naturally growing moss, it is no longer alive and will remain evergreen.

When compared to any other vertical wall garden, moss gardens are significantly cheaper.

Visually appealing design

It’s not difficult to achieve the vibrant green colour of a moss garden. One can even make it more vibrant by adding the proper amount of light to highlight it. Moss walls are very popular these days among interior designers for homes as well as offices. They are very versatile since they can be installed virtually anywhere.

A moss wall also makes for a great conversation piece.

Natural benefits

Vertical garden planters deliver several benefits to the interior environment, as do moss gardens. Moss walls will absorb any excess noise, which is especially beneficial in an office space.

Modern interior design trends have increased the acceptability of moss walls in homes and offices. Contact Evergreen Walls to enjoy all the aesthetic and natural benefits of a moss wall garden.