Successful businesses thrive for many reasons: their commitment to product quality, their excellent marketing skills, and even the aesthetic appeal of their storefront or office. Success requires a good combination of these three elements among others.

Greenwalls are good for business, be it an office or a store. Greenwalls help visitors or customers feel instantly relaxed, with the business achieving positive outcomes quickly. A store that projects clean and aesthetic vibes will encourage customers to stay longer and feel better about their visit. On the other hand, a business environment that looks dingy, cluttered or disorganised will only put off customers.

Evergreen Walls presents three reasons to install a greenwall at your business:

1. Greenwalls are emotionally positive

Successful marketing practices rely on psychology to continually produce positive and beneficial results. Green, for instance, is an emotionally positive colour with many positive associations in the human mind, and represents balance, growth and harmony. The use of green colour in a decor scheme has also been shown to have calming and stress-relieving effects.

One way to incorporate green into a business environment is by installing artificial and living greenery in the decor. When applied in a commercial environment, artificial green walls and artificial garden walls can greatly enhance positive emotional feelings.

2. Artificial greenwalls are aesthetically pleasing

Businesses understand the power of an aesthetically pleasing environment on customers. A tastefully decorated office or store will help customers feel more at ease and they are more likely to leave with positive feelings about their experience. This positive experience transforms first-time customers into loyal clientele who will not hesitate to refer the business to family, friends and acquaintances.

One way to create an aesthetically pleasing business environment is to install artificial greenwalls. Visitors or customers will not only experience an immediate connection with the verdant greenery, but will also get into a calm state of mind. Artificial greenwalls are a great choice for businesses as they have low maintenance requirements, unlike real living green walls.

3. Artificial garden walls promote mental health and increase productivity

The stress-relieving properties of artificial garden walls not only have a calming effect on employees but also help create an environment that is conducive to increased productivity. Artificial green walls help create a happier and more productive workplace by decreasing boredom and enhancing the employees’ positive disposition. The overall positive work environment with happier employees will, in turn, create a wonderful experience for business clientele.