Evergreen Walls lists out the many possibilities of integrating an artificial garden wall into an internal or external design space.

Interior Design

A life-like artificial garden wall element can bring an area together in interior design and create the right vibe in a room that would otherwise feel stressed. Evergreen Walls’ artificial garden walls are custom designed to fit any specific location, helping create unique interior walls.

Landscape Contractors

Landscaping contractors will find the artificial garden walls from Evergreen Walls highly versatile, especially the way they can be used to fill every nook and corner of the landscape design with warm and welcoming arrangements. Ideal for entrances, breezeways and carports among many more areas, these artificial greenwalls can be installed without worrying about their distance from water outlets.

Property Developers

Artificial garden walls from Evergreen Walls are recommended in property development to create a memorable impact for visitors. For instance, a garden wall can become a landmark for the building and will also enable a relaxing environment for clients or employees.

Shop Fitters

Artificial garden walls offer immense creative possibilities in retail stores dealing with outdoor, country living or animal related products. Evergreen Walls can create a greenwall in a staging area to offer an almost real life-like experience to the buyer.

Evergreen Walls offers a free 5-day eCourse on their garden walls and artificial green wall panels.