Before investing in a green wall, it’s important to understand the cost factor. To begin with, the initial cost of installing a living wall garden is high. However, it’s the ongoing maintenance required to keep it healthy and looking great that could add up to a huge amount over time. This is the primary reason why many people prefer installing an artificial vertical green wall rather than deal with living plants.

Regardless of the option you choose, here are some of the maintenance tasks you will be responsible for when you install a vertical garden.

Water consumption and fertiliser

Living green wall plants require water and fertiliser to survive and remain healthy. Their water consumption will depend on the species and whether the wall is indoors or outdoors. A living garden will, however, increase your water consumption and bill. You will also have to fertilise the living wall garden frequently if you want it to remain in great shape.

An artificial green wall, on the other hand, does not require water, fertiliser or care. At the most, you will have to dust the leaves of the fake plants occasionally.

Irrigation system

An irrigation system is recommended if you have a fairly large living wall garden. Without an irrigation system, you won’t be able to water the plants to the required levels. By the way, an irrigation system doesn’t come cheap and you can expect to spend several hundred dollars on it alone, not to mention the water and maintenance the system will require over time.

An artificial vertical green wall does not require any kind of equipment to keep the plants looking in top shape.

Replacement plants

As in any garden, plants on a living green wall will die out for many reasons. Even with the proper amount of water and sunlight, some plants just can’t survive for a long time. Dead plants need to be replaced for the wall to keep looking good, which will cost money.

Plants on an artificial vertical green wall will need replacing only if you get tired of seeing the same ones every day for a long period of time and want to break the monotony.

Weeding and pest management

Cost considerations aside, a living wall garden requires more manhours to maintain than an artificial green wall. Weeds can grow even in an indoor living wall and will need to be removed regularly. A pest management spray may also be required to prevent bugs from entering your home and dining on your plants.

An artificial vertical wall garden – inside or outside – remains bug-free forever.

Living green walls require a lot of maintenance, and the costs can add up over time. If that’s not an attractive option for you, be sure to contact Evergreen Walls for artificial alternatives that look just as great without the maintenance hassle.