Summer is the most preferred wedding season around the world – bright sunshine, green grass and trees, and colourful flowers all come together to create a joyful environment for the perfect outdoor wedding. To this naturally green landscape, one can add their own personal touch using artificial greenery panels and exotic flowers.

Here’s how you can create a beautiful setting for a summer green outdoor wedding:

Mix it up

Combine live plants and artificial plants to create a truly unique decor. Artificial hedges are excellent space fillers and can be used to cover bare spots. Depending on the venue, you may need to add your own backdrop as well. A faux hedge privacy screen is an ideal solution and will make for some amazing pictures.

Floral designs to match the decor

What’s a wedding without floral decorations? The best thing about using artificial flowers in your wedding decor is that you don’t have to worry about whether they are in season. Use different types of artificial flowers on artificial greenery panels, hedges, bouquets or anything else to make them pop with colour. Mix and match different floral designs with the chosen decor.

Keep an open mind on the possibilities

When you have an open mind about the possibilities of an outdoor green wedding, you can truly create a beautiful venue. Let your creativity flow with the wide range of options available in artificial greenery panels, outdoor artificial hedges and artificial flowers.

Evergreen Walls has helped numerous brides and grooms create the wedding decor of their dreams with a variety of artificial plant and flower options.

If you’re planning your outdoor wedding this summer and want to create the best experience for your family and guests, contact Evergreen Walls today.