Embrace summer this year with the hottest design trends of the season.

If you are looking to change the look of your home’s interiors, summer is the best time to get started on it. There are plenty of different ways to spruce up your home and get the fresh summer vibes in without breaking the bank or spending a lot of time and effort.

Get inspired by the season with summer design trends such as incorporating green wall plants, painting walls a different colour or upgrading the decor.

Whiter is brighter

With spring cleaning out of the way, most homes have less clutter to deal with in rooms and on the walls. Painting walls a bright white is a great way to give your home a summery look and feel and brighten up any room. Anything that goes on the walls will be a beautiful relief – consider adding an artificial green wall for a summertime vibe.

Bring the outdoors inside

Why restrict yourself to greenery outdoors? Bring your summertime vibes indoors with an indoor plant wall consisting of beautiful plants. One of the hottest design trends this summer, an indoor green wall with artificial plants is not only visually striking but is also designed for zero maintenance.

Consider artificial greenery

Live plants are indeed popular among homeowners for their indoor areas but you can get the same look and feel even with artificial green plants. The best part is there are no hassles about watering artificial plants and you can place them anywhere throughout your home. Fake plants don’t need sunlight and can even be put in the darkest corners of the home to brighten up the space. Being artificial, the plants will always look vibrant and green.

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