Corporate organisations the world over are constantly thinking up new ways to keep their employees motivated and inspired at work.

Instead of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on methods that usually fail, Evergreen Walls suggests that companies should consider making simple, affordable and environment-friendly changes to their workspaces such as putting up green walls.

Evergreen Walls lists out six reasons why modern offices need artificial green walls.

Design a welcoming and social environment

Make clients, customers and employees feel welcome with a professionally installed artificial green wall. Installing green walls in a prominent position such as the office lobby or entrance is guaranteed to add a professional touch to the decor while also creating an environment that will relieve stress and promote peaceful social interactions.

Create an environment that inspires creativity

Having a clinical environment is not conducive to inspired thinking. By adding artificial garden walls to the working environment, employees become more creative and will show greater motivation. Researchers believe creativity is inspired by the beauty of green walls and plants.

Chase away boredom and increase productivity

One of the biggest problems in corporate organisations is that employees do not feel challenged enough by their jobs, which can impede productivity. While a green wall will not challenge employees, it can positively influence their moods and energy levels, as beauty and colour have been known to chase away boredom as well as depression. Productivity will result from an improved state of mind.

Reduce sick days and promote mental health

The positive effects of a green environment on mental health cannot be questioned. While artificial garden walls installed in the office will not keep the flu or common cold away, they can reduce noise, especially in densely populated workplaces, and minimise the stress experienced by employees. Employees feeling pressure due to performance expectations or approaching deadlines will often lash out; however, green walls can drastically reduce feelings of anxiety, anger and frustration.

Reduce maintenance costs

Covering a busy wall or space with artificial garden walls can add beauty and create a room that feels vibrant and lush, reducing the maintenance costs associated with painting and other repairs. The easy-to-maintain artificial green walls also eliminate the need for annual wallpapering and expensive redecoration.

Increase commercial property values

Adding lush beauty and vegetation has the ability to significantly increase property values for both residential and commercial buildings. In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits, green walls also reduce heating and cooling costs.

Designers, architects and landscape contractors are increasingly turning to artificial garden walls to create inspiring and inviting spaces. Suitable for all types of corporate, commercial and residential environments, green walls are highly aesthetic and affordable.