Organisations can reduce noise levels within their workspaces by installing noise-absorbing vertical gardens, says Evergreen Walls.

An ideal working environment is one where there is sufficient peace and quiet for employees to fulfil their job responsibilities. However, most offices face the problem of noise emanating from the external environment, especially workplaces located in business districts. This noise pollution is not only distracting but also doesn’t allow normal conversations between people.

Before looking for an alternative workplace in a more secluded location, offices can incorporate vertical gardens in and around the building. Vertical gardens are a proven solution for noise pollution and can help create a quieter work environment.

Leaves reflect and absorb sound

Studies indicate that plant leaves have the capacity to absorb noise energy. Though the amount of noise absorbed isn’t significantly large, one can make out a noticeable difference in the environment. Incorporate more greenwall plants around the office to minimise noise. These vertical gardens will not only absorb the noise from external sources but also the extra noise created inside the office from conversations or equipment, facilitating a more peaceful and less distracting work environment.

Obstructs traffic and urban noise

Office buildings located in the downtown areas of large cities are constantly exposed to honking vehicles, crashes, squealing tyres and other traffic noises. A hanging wall garden in the office and around the building can stop these noises from entering the workspace, reducing noise-related distractions. Even construction noise can be controlled using greenwalls.

Types of vertical gardens to use

Vertical gardens deliver their noise control benefits inside and outside. Greenwalls and vertical gardens needn’t always have living plants – artificial hanging gardens work just as well when used properly and also reduce the maintenance effort.

Contact Evergreen Walls for the best options in green wall plants to hang in your office, helping reduce noise pollution, and increase productivity with minimal noise distractions.