It’s that time of the year when many homeowners consider redecorating their homes. As they prepare to welcome summer, it’s not unusual to see the warm season as inspiration for home interiors, specifically in the selection of bright colours normally associated with summertime.

Redecorating a home could mean something as simple as changing a few decor elements or as detailed as adopting a fresh colour scheme. Changing the colour scheme of your home also means finding accessories to go with it. For instance, a hanging wall garden looks great with any colour, and fits in perfectly with the summer theme.

Here are some of the best home decor colours you can incorporate this summer.

Any shade of green

Incorporating a few green elements in your home brings on the summer vibe like no other. Choose dark green, light green, lime green or even the 2017 Pantone Colour, Greenery. Play the contrast game by having an indoor green wall on one side of the room and a darker or lighter colour on the other side. Greenery is always a great option for decor during the summer months.

Sunny yellow

Bright and cheerful, just like a typical summer day, sunny yellow is best used on accessories such as throw pillows and lampshades. Avoid over-the-top ideas such as painting an accent wall entirely in yellow – you will soon get tired of it.

Subtle grey

For those homeowners who live to accessorise, consider painting the walls a subtle grey colour. This will allow experimenting with accessories of dark, light and bright colours, since grey goes well with virtually anything. Grey also gives any room a fresh and clean look, which is perfect for summer.


You won’t find this shade in many home design colour schemes but coral pairs well with greenery, such as an indoor green wall or a hanging wall garden. Coral has the ability to stand out without overwhelming the overall design intent. Besides, it has a very summery feel to it and will allow you to be creative with your accessories and other decor as well.

Summer is a favourite time of the year for everyone at Evergreen Walls. No matter what the colour scheme is, it’s so easy to incorporate artificial greenery panels into any home decor.

Introduce some greenery into your home interior and brighten it up this summer with a little help from Evergreen Walls.