The perfect office space is a beautiful idea that can be difficult to accomplish. Quite often, professional designers and architects are given complete freedom to design an office space to their liking, without too much client input. But the outcome could go either way, with no guarantee that the design satisfies the client’s aesthetic expectations or functional requirements.

This article aims to provide guidance to architects and designers on designing a great office space.

Consider the work environment

Spend some time observing the work environment. If the staff is more comfortable in a collaborative setup, it’s better to design an open floor plan without many barriers or distractions. While an open environment encourages collaboration, it may not suit the work of all offices. There are companies, for instance, that get work done in a quiet workspace without a lot of collaboration. These workspaces should ideally have noise-reducing objects throughout the office such as an indoor wall garden, which can absorb noise and nurture quiet.

Work with the space provided, without crowding

Not all offices are sprawling compounds with unlimited space to unleash your imagination. Offices come in all shapes and sizes and it’s up to the designer to make the most of the space without crowding it. This can be achieved using elements such as vertical gardens that will not only fit in with any decor plan but can also hang on the wall, saving precious real estate, especially in small offices. Vertical garden walls are also more visually pleasing than any abstract artwork, and enhance the ambience.

Think about natural light

Natural lighting is one element many professional designers tend to overlook when designing an office space. The office needs to be visually pleasing throughout the entire day, rather than just in the morning or afternoon. A primary advantage of an indoor wall garden is that it can be placed anywhere in the office since natural light isn’t needed. However, placing it in an area where natural light hits it will enhance its appearance.

Make it attractive for workers and clients

Professional designers and architects have to find creative ways to ensure an office space is attractive for both workers and clients. Employees need to be comfortable and relaxed in their office on a daily basis, while clients would also like to be at ease when they visit. The great thing about wall gardens in Australia is they can immediately enhance the design of an office, and artificial gardens are even better since they require minimal maintenance.

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Image: An open environment encourages collaboration