Green walls are increasingly being integrated into restaurant decor with greater awareness of the many benefits vertical gardens can deliver to the venue inside or outside. In addition to a pleasing aesthetic, green walls have specific functional advantages that can contribute to a much better ambience within the restaurant.

Here are some of the main reasons why restaurants are incorporating green walls into their design.

Noise reduction

Restaurants can get noisy, and patrons will find it difficult and frustrating to even hear the person sitting directly across from them. Some of the noise can be attributed to a busy building with a lot of people talking loudly just to be heard. However, an indoor green wall can reflect and absorb a lot of the noise. When strategically placed in several areas of a restaurant, an artificial green wall can deliver clear acoustic benefits, especially during peak hours.

Appealing modern design

A big part of a restaurant’s appeal is its decor. Customers prefer to dine in restaurants that have a striking design right from the entrance all the way inside. A vertical green wall not only adds a relaxing vibe to the ambience, but also confirms the venue’s status as a high-end restaurant. An impressive decor will attract new patrons who will then return to the facility based on their first impressions, and green walls can be one of the big reasons.

Moss walls clean indoor air

Restaurants generally don’t have the cleanest air. Grease, steam and smoke mixed with the high volume of people, can create an unhealthy atmosphere. A moss wall in a restaurant helps improve indoor air quality; sometimes referred to as a breathing wall, moss walls, to some extent, actually absorb dirty air and release clean air. Similar to how live plants work every day outdoors to clean the air, a moss garden cleans the air indoors, making the restaurant more inviting.

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