Decorating one’s home or office space is an exciting process. It can also be hassle-filled given the many decisions to be taken, and getting through tiresome and time-consuming installations. While furniture can be difficult to install or assemble, a vertical green wall is an entirely different story. Most people are pleasantly surprised when they realise how simple it actually is to install them.

Evergreen Walls offers a few helpful suggestions for the installation of artificial green walls.

Professional installation

While DIY is an option for those who are handy with hanging things on the wall, professional installation is available with every Evergreen Walls order. Once the green wall plants are delivered, a friendly professional will come and complete the installation to suit your requirements.

What materials do they attach to?

The great thing about an indoor green wall is that it can be attached to virtually any wall surface. Walls made from timber, plasterboard or even concrete can support an artificial green wall – only the hardware will vary depending on the type of wall. As a rule of thumb, if you can hang a picture on the surface, you can hang a vertical green wall panel.

Protection and durability

Green wall panels from Evergreen Walls are galvanised and powder-coated to ensure they remain durable for many years. The everyday range is made entirely of plastic and can be cut to fit any wall size. Being UV-rated for outdoor environments, these vertical green walls can be installed anywhere, inside or outside. Artificial green walls from Evergreen Walls are built to last once they are installed.