First impressions do count, especially when it involves a business operation. The reception is the first area of contact for any visitor from clients and business partners to investors. Their experience at this point will be the basis for their opinion of your business. A stunning reception area is a good place to start if you want to shape the perception of your visitors.

Create a welcoming environment

A welcoming environment will help make your guests feel comfortable. While some professional designers believe this can be achieved with the right furniture and furnishings, others may recommend an artificial green wall as the way to go. The truth is nothing is more relaxing and comforting than nature. Even a fake indoor wall garden can add the desired dose of greenery to the interior design mix, automatically creating a welcoming environment.

Integrate company branding

The interior design of your reception area – the first point of contact – should project your company branding without any ambiguity. One way to achieve this is by integrating your corporate colours in the interior design. Another idea is to display your company’s achievements in the form of photographs and certifications next to the green wall. Visitors will automatically be drawn to the greenery and will not miss seeing the achievements displayed next to it.

Lighting perfection

The finer points of good interior design can be highlighted with the right lighting in place. Good lighting is an essential component of any environment. While an artificial indoor wall garden can be placed anywhere since it doesn’t need any water or lighting to survive (unlike live plants), you can use clever lighting to project the beauty of the plants.

Don’t overdo it

Too much is not always too good. Using too many elements in interior design can create a crowded effect, especially in smaller spaces. An indoor green wall is an ideal accessory in any design layout because it can infuse freshness and cheer in any environment without taking up extra space. The green wall is complete in all respects, and adding more greenery may turn your reception into a jungle. Finding the right balance is key to creating the perfect environment.

Professional designers can consult with Evergreen Walls on the various solutions available to create stunning reception areas.