Lack of ground space in urban living environments is one of the prime reasons for the popularity of green roofs. The increasing adoption of the green roof concept is slowly but surely changing urban landscapes even as more people realise the various benefits of incorporating green roofs in their homes and offices.

Of course, a green roof requires a lot of care and maintenance; therefore, those on a budget or short on time can consider an artificial garden from Evergreen Walls.

Here are some of the benefits of green roofs:

Better air quality

It’s a proven fact that green roofs improve the air quality in the immediate area. Plants have the capability to trap pollutants and atmospheric deposition in the air. Plants also filter out noxious gases to make the air safer to breathe. Green roofs additionally, help with controlling the indoor temperature.

Green roofs are particularly recommended for power plants, which are known to release a lot of pollutants into the air.

Reduced stormwater runoff

Stormwater runoff from the roof, unless harvested, will only result in wastage. However, growing the right varieties of plants on the roof can help with better stormwater management. A green roof will store the water and return it to the environment through evaporation and transpiration. Some plants have the capacity to retain up to 90% of rainwater. Incorporate green wall plants along the perimeter of the building to capture the remaining amounts of water runoff that may occur during a particularly heavy storm.

More energy savings and better aesthetics

A green roof is an excellent building insulator, keeping the interior cool during the summer months and warm in winter. By making the building more thermally efficient, green roofs will help reduce energy bills in an environment-friendly way.

Green roofs also add to the overall aesthetics of the building. For those working within a limited budget or unwilling to take on the responsibility of a living green roof, there are low maintenance and low budget options such as artificial vertical green walls. Looking just as good as a living green wall, an artificial garden can also be easily removed and installed elsewhere when it’s time to move.