Green design is stylish, on-trend and affordable too. There are many ways to go green in design – adding sustainable materials is just one way to create a modern, eco-friendly ambience in the home or at work. With materials such as recycled wood and artificial or living plants, one needn’t go far to find great design ideas.

1. Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is a great way to integrate sustainability into your design. Old wood can be cut and refinished to make attractive picture frames, benches, shelves and cabinets, meeting both sustainability and aesthetic goals.

2. Artificial plants

Artificial plants are an excellent option when it comes to adopting sustainable design principles. These plants last forever in indoor as well as outdoor environments. An artificial vertical green wall can create a unique environment in any space. You could also choose to incorporate vertical garden planters in different corners of a room, or places where nothing else seems to fit. Artificial plants are perfect for eco-friendly design, come with very low maintenance requirements, and hit all the right trend notes.

3. Indoor living plants

Indoor living plants add aesthetic as well as health benefits to the space. But living plants also need a lot of care in terms of sunshine and water. Evergreen Walls recommends incorporating an indoor living wall made of moss for eco-friendly design. A living moss wall requires very little maintenance and can provide some great benefits to the interior.

Design elements created using sustainable materials will wear out after some time. You may be able to recycle some materials, but others may not be recyclable. The benefit of artificial plants is they last a lifetime, and can be rehomed for other people’s enjoyment.

Evergreen Walls takes pride in creating the most sustainable materials for your eco-friendly design.