It’s unusual to use a lot of colours on building exteriors; however, this trend seems to be building into a style statement with designers choosing to use colour to impress. After all, in today’s world, innovation and thinking outside the box generally get more attention than the traditional ways of doing business. A colourful building exterior that will be noticed even from afar is definitely an innovation in design trends.

Here are a few ways exterior building colours can be used to make a statement for your business and to your potential customers and clients.

Stand out to customers

Businesses have to find creative ways to stand out today. Having a colourful building exterior for your office will definitely be noticed and remembered by potential clients or business partners. However, these attractive building exteriors need to be complemented by great interior design. For instance, an artificial vertical garden in the lobby or waiting area can be a perfect way to make a natural transition from the outside to the inside.

Take climate into consideration

Not all colours work in different environments. Colours should be picked with care for building exteriors as they shouldn’t look out of place. For example, select warmer colours for the southern warmer climates. Take the landscape around you into consideration when choosing colours for your building. If the building is nestled in the hills or mountains, try different shades of green. A faux boxwood hedge or two at the entrance of the building will keep the natural look and feel going as people enter the building.

Don’t overdo it

Now that you have decided to use different colours on your building, it’s important not to go overboard. Standing out using colour without going over the top can be challenging. One of the best ways to balance colour is to have an artificial vertical garden strategically placed in and around the building. Greenery has the unique ability to calm down any appearance, making an artificial green wall a perfect complement to virtually any exterior building colour.

Consult with Evergreen Walls on the greenery options you need to complement your colourful building exterior. The company offers a broad portfolio of options including artificial boxwood walls and vertical green walls to incorporate greenery into your exterior and interior building design.