A popular practice in home interior design is to incorporate a green element, usually in the form of indoor potted plants. You can, however, take the practice to a new level of innovation by installing a vertical garden wall.

Though a vertical garden wall may seem difficult to install and maintain, it needn’t be if you choose an artificial garden wall. Low on maintenance and care but high on durability and visual appeal, artificial vertical gardens are easier to work with compared to an outdoor garden, and will also last much longer since they are not exposed to the harsh environment throughout the year.

Here are some of the reasons why you should bring your garden indoors:

Enjoy more greenery options indoors

Greenery is proven to have a positive impact on people. Those who experience greenery on a daily basis are generally happier. Nothing is more visually pleasing than coming home to an artificial vertical garden. Artificial garden walls are highly versatile in design and composition as they can accommodate all the exotic plants you want without being affected by the local climate and other environmental factors. Choose from a wider variety of plants for your indoor vertical plant wall without being limited by extraneous factors.

Benefits of indoor artificial gardens

There’s no doubt an indoor vertical garden wall contributes immensely to the overall aesthetics. However, there are practical benefits too such as the plant wall’s ability to absorb noise, thereby keeping your indoors quiet and peaceful. Homeowners living in close proximity to highways, for instance, can rely on artificial vertical gardens to maintain a calm indoor environment.

A vertical wall garden also provides added insulation by absorbing some of the heat and cold to make the home more thermally efficient, leading to energy savings.

Less maintenance, same appealing look

An artificial vertical garden requires virtually no maintenance once it’s installed in your home unlike a living outdoor garden that can be impacted by environmental factors, not to mention the continuous care needed. Once installed, artificial vertical gardens eliminate all worries about watering, trimming, weeding or ensuring sufficient exposure to sunlight. An artificial garden wall also allows you to change out the plants if you need a change of scenery.

Evergreen Walls has helped many homeowners bring their gardens into their homes to create a more relaxing environment. Consult with Evergreen Walls for the best vertical garden wall options for your home.